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We should be grateful to receive articles about our museum and about Sibiel and invite all those who come across publications not mentioned or included here to inform us about them. Many thanks.

Carpatair Magazine

Fodor's Travel

Force Tourism 2010

Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca

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Academia Bârlădeană (Romanian)

Apostolat în Ţara Făgăraşului (Romanian)


Avvenire (Romanian)

Bell'Europa (Romanian)

Biblioteca Astra Sibiu (Romania) - Speech at the public presentation (Italian)

Casa de vacanţa (Romanian)

Contacts (French)

Contemporanul. Ideea Europeană (Romanian) (Romanian)

Editura Christiana (Romanian)

Embassy of Romania at Paris (Romanian)

Famiglia Cristiana (Italian)

Financiarul (Romanian)

Foaia Poporului (Romanian)

Foaia românească (Romanian)

Formula AS (Romanian)

Gingasia.Blogpsot (Romanian)

Il Cittadino di Lodi (Italian)

Institutul Român de Cultură de la Veneţia (Romanian)

L'Arena (Italian)

L'Eco di Bergamo 1 (Italian)

L'Eco di Bergamo 2 (Italian)

Le Courrier des Balkans (French)

Le Figaro Magazine (French)

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Magyar Rádió zrt. MR4 (04.04.2010, audio mp3 - Romanian) (Romanian)

Nova TV Mediaş (8.10.2014, video - Romanian)

Observator Cultural (Romanian)

Oise Hebdo (French)

Okay Scuola (Italian)

Paris Normandie (French)

Radio România Actualităţi 1 (1.06.2008, audio mp3 - Romanian)

Radio România Actualităţi 2 (15.02.2010, audio mp3 - Romanian)

Radio România Actualităţi 3 (10.05.2010, audio mp3 - Romanian)

Radio România Actualităţi 4 (13.10.2010, audio mp3 - Romanian)

Radio România Actualităţi 5 (29.10.2010 - Romanian)

RAI Radio Uno - Voci dal mondo (1.06.2008, audio mp3 - Italian)

RAI Radio Tre - Uomini e Profeti (14.03.2009, audio mp3 - Italian)

Răzvan Codrescu Blog (Romanian)

Revista 22 (Romanian)

Revista Ferma (Romanian)

Romania in contact (Romanian)

Rotary Club Adda Lodigiano (Italian)

Satul (Romanian)

Tribuna 1 (Romanian)

Tribuna 2 (Romanian)

Tribuna 3 (Romanian)

Trinitas TV 1 (29.07.2018, video - Romanian)

Trinitas TV 2 (29.09.2021, video - Romanian)

Trinitas TV 3 (06.10.2021, video - Romanian)

TVR 1 (05.09.2021, video - Romanian)

Twinkl (Romanian)

Új magyar szó (Hungarian)

Vatra Mărginimii (Romanian)

World Blogging Forum Bucharest (Italian)

Zia®ul de la 5 (Romanian)

Ziarul Financiar - Ziarul de duminica (Romanian)

Ziarul Lumina (Romanian)

Ziarul Nostru (Romanian/Italian)

For journalists

Journalists interested in having a guided tour and in reporting on the Fr Zosim Oancea museum on icons on glass and on Sibiel should contact by mail our press office in Italy at 0039 3382245120 ou par mail